Query To Get List of Unused Indexs In SQL Server

Generally Index used in SQL server to improve performance.Sometime we never use some Index's but it present in Database which can be one of the reason of performance degradation.  Below query will give the list of all unused index in Database with DROP statement.   Query to get list of Unused Index's   SELECT AS ObjectName , i.nam [...]

Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is more slender and lighter than the past two variants, regardless of having a bigger 12-inch presentation and higher screen determination. Another kickstand makes it simpler to set up and use, and the console spread remains a best-in-class sample. The Surface Pro 3 is currently improved for an advanced digital pen, which is incorporate [...]

Visual Studio Versions and default target .net Framework

Here you can find a consolidated list of Visual Studio Versions and the default target .net Framework.Visual Studio .NET 2002 - .NET Framework 1.0Visual Studio .NET 2003 - .NET Framework 1.1Visual Studio .NET 2005 - .NET Framework 2.0Visual Studio .NET 2008 - .NET Framework 3.5Visual Studio .NET 2010 - .NET Framework 4.0Visual Studio .NET 2012 - .NET Framewo [...]

Basic principles of Mobile Web page design

This blog will describe basic design principles of mobile web page design. Keep the layout simple and clean so the focus is on the content. One-column layout is the best design for Mobile web page. Include only necessary and essential content. Keep images small. Avoid using flash, most mobile devices does not su [...]

What is BSON ?

BSON in Web API 2.1 Binary Serialization object notation. “BSON” stands for “Binary JSON”, but BSON and JSON are serialized very differently. BSON is “JSON-like”, because objects are represented as name-value pairs, similar to JSON. Unlike JSON, numeric data types are stored as bytes, not strings The BSON was designed to be [...]

Microsoft's Official announcement of Nokia acquisition

Make your life more colorful.Microsoft Corp has officially announced that it has completed its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The acquisition has been approved by Nokia shareholders and by governmental regulatory agencies around the world, said a Microsoft release, adding that completion of the acquisition marks the first step in bri [...]

How to debug java script using internet explorer

Following are the steps that are needed to be followed:1. Enable the Debugging in the Internet Explorer – Go to Tools >> Internet Options (wizard will appear >> Click the 'Advanced Tab' >> Under Browsing Section uncheck the 'Disable script debugging' checkbox >> Click OK.2. Edit the java script code of the Entity Page that you want to [...]