Develop Serverless App using Azure Functions : Server less computing

In this article I will explain how to create Azure server-less function App without having VM or publish web application. First let's understand what is Server-less Computing ?Server-less computing : The actual idea behind this name is to run your code without worried about Server deployments, configuration and so on. you just need to focus on developin [...]

Essence of Customer 360-degree view

Recently I posted an article on LinkedIn on Customer - 360 degree. Now a days enterprises are quite aggressive to built customer 360-degree view but still many organizations have wishlist's of initiatives to achieve. Due to lack of data management best practices and data analytic, companies are shifting their focus to rely on reports and sentiment analy [...]

Top 5 New Features in Visual Studio 2013

This Article will help you to understand new features in Visual studio 2013. Visual studio 2013 has come up with a lot of new features to improve productivity. I will explain some of the new features which we need most of the time.    Peek Definition (ALT+F12)   Peek Definition (ALT+F12) gives you a chance to take a speedy look at a class [...]

Disabling Auto Save feature in Dynamics CRM 2013

In this article am going to explain how to disable Auto Save feature in Dynamics CRM 2013.   What is Auto Save? Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes with a new feature "Auto Save" which helps to save the record automatically within every 30 second (approx.). This feature reduces the extra click and data loss in case of any connectivity iss [...]